Wood gas analyser VISIT 03H

Device for commissioning and maintenance of carburetors for wood and leftover materials as well as for pyrolysis gases.

The analyser is able to measure up to 5 gases in uninterrupted continuous operation for up to 24 hours.

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Benefits of VISIT 03 H

  • Simple operation
  • IR sensors and with absolute pressure sensor
  • Help function available for each measurement phase
  • Powerful battery with state of charge monitoring in %
  • Fast and easy calibration with test gas
  • Data export in Excel and text formats
  • Both battery and mains operation possible
  • Internal device heating for fast and reliable device temperature control
  • Automatic standby for extended battery life
  • Temperature and pressure compensation of the IR sensors
  • Display illumination can be switched on and off
  • Freely selectable positions of the measured variables in the display

Device for the measurement of

  • CO- CO2-CH4-H2-O2
  • Sensor for absolute pressure
  • Measuring channel for 2 temperatures
  • Measuring channel for differential pressure measurement +/- 100 hPa
  • Data memory for approx. 900 customer and measurement data

Further information

  • RS232 interface
  • Internal Peltier cooler
  • Integrated needle printer
  • Battery and mains operation
  • Changeable wash bottles
  • Absorbers and gas filters
  • Connection for gas outlet to the atmosphere
  • Measurement and display of the device ambient temperature