Flue gas analyser VISIT 01 LR

Portable device for continuous measurement of exhaust gas and flue gas and to optimize combustion in gas/oil firing systems, gas fireplaces, calorific value systems as well as systems for solid fuels.

Now also available with bluetooth!

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Device for the measurement of:

  • O2-CO
  • Temperature-Air
  • Temperature-Flue gas
  • Continuous chimney draught measurement, flow pressure, differential pressure, static pressure +- 100 hPa
  • Calculation of CO2, η(Eta), λ(Lambda), loss, dew point
  • Automatic measurement with averaging
  • Internal device heating
  • CO-sensor flushing by valve with programmable limit value
  • Soot measurement with probe handle heating
  • Integrated needle printer
  • 1000 memory space for customer and measurement data
  • Battery and mains operation
  • RS 232 interface
  • Automatic calculation of the caloric value
  • 300 mm gas sampling probe with 3.5 m hose line
  • Extension up to 5 sensors possible, also infrared sensors
  • Robust aluminium casing
  • 2. differential pressure measurement up to 350 hPA (mbar)