Flue gas analyser VISIT 01 L

Portable measuring device for continuous measurement and calculation of flue gas components. Also to optimise combustion in gas and oil firing systems, gas fireplaces, condensing boilers and systems for solid fuels.

Now also available with Bluetooth!

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Device for the measurement of

  • O2 - CO
  • Temperature - Air
  • Temperature - Flue gas
  • Continuous chimney draught measurement, differential pressure, flow pressure, static pressure +- 100 hPa
  • Calculation of CO2, η(Eta), λ(Lambda), loss, dew point
  • CO sensor flushing with programmable limit value
  • Automatic measurement with averaging
  • internal device heating
  • 1000  memory space for customer and measurement data
  • Integrated needle printer
  • RS 232 interface
  • Automatic calculation of the caloric value
  • Battery and mains operation
  • 300mm gas sampling probe with hose line
  • Extension to up to 5 sensors possible, also infrared sensors
  • Robust aluminium casing
  • Leakage test pressure measurement