Casper 301 SET

Device for control and adjustment to optimise combustion. Used in gas and gas fireplaces, pellet boilers and condensing plants.

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Device for measuring

  • O2-CO-NO
  • Temperature- Air
  • Temperature- Flue gas
  • Chimney draft-, pressure- and differential pressure measurement +/- 100 hPa(mbar)
  • Calculation of CO2, η (Eta), λ (Lambda), Loss, CO undiluted
  • 300 Locations of storage for measured data
  • USB-interface
  • Li-Ionen battery
  • Condensate trap with particle filter
  • Gas sampling probe with hose 3 m
  • Storage of customers and measured data
  • Bluetooth
  • Combustion air sensor 2 m cable 200 mm long
  • Transport case