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Flue gas measurement, smoke gas analysis and more

Eheim Messtechnik

Welcome to Messtechnik EHEIM GmbH

Made in Germany since 1996

The Messtechnik EHEIM GmbH was founded in 1996 with the aim to develop, manufacture and distribute electronic flue gas and special measurement devices of high quality. To this day we continue the development of our measuring devices and incorporate our long-standing experience contribution in the field of measurement technology, in particular flue gas analysis.

Measurement technology global

Since the foundation of the company, more than 10 new analysers and additional measuring devices have been launched on the market. The gas analysers are used around the world for analysing furnaces as well as for the evaluation of other flue gas processes from motoric power units to exhaust gases from processing plants.

Market introduction of the VISIT product series

Heating contractors, factory customer service, universities and many other companies have confidence in our durable products. There is further potential to the VISIT series for biogenic gases at landfill sites, sewage treatment plants, fermentations and process gases. These measuring systems are applicable for numerous mobile gas analysis as well as stationary gas analysis.

Our products ensure superior quality, easy handling, perfect service, with an operating life of more than 10 years, fair prices and high environmental standards.